Saturday, 28 August 2010


This has just made me so happy I'm sitting here with one boot on in my pyjamas. Yes it's gone lunchtime but what the heck. I've been busy sorting out baby things to pass on to my friend who is a first-time mum and found a long forgotten yellow box.

A few years ago I had the perfect boots, they were comfortable and went with everything and I wore them until they started to let the rain in. When the same pair came up on sale for less than half price I bought them even though it was the middle of summer and I was halfway through my pregnancy with Little Boy. They arrived but they Did Not Fit. It's ok I thought, must be my pregnant cankles, and I put them away again. Last winter I tried them on and they still Did Not Fit. I pushed and I pulled and breathed in (like that's going to help make my feet smaller!) but to no avail. Sadly I put them back in the box and had thoughts of Ebaying them to recoup the cost. I tried them on for One Last Time today and to my surprise my foot slid in. The zip went up. They weren't tight! OMG, they fit they fit they fit! I did a sort of lopsided half run to the top of the stairs to tell Mr J the marvelous news and he wasn't impressed at all until I got to
'So now I don't need to buy winter boots anymore'

where the penny finally dropped, his face lit up and he said 'That's fantastic!'

Though I have just seen that they now come in purple.........

Ms C


  1. I NEED SOME OF THESE BOOTS!!!!! I only have 9 pairs of different boots already so as you can see I am sadly lacking in the boot department so really need to buy a pair of to make me feel more complete! x

  2. Seriously Ruth they are so comfortable! You need some. I'm looking forward to wearing them this winter.

  3. They are really nice boots !!

    Have tagged you in an award from my blog here


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