Thursday, 19 August 2010

Buttons and bags, oh my!

Hi again!

So the other day was a special day for me. New blog, new name and also my birthday! Though let's face it by this age nobody can really be bothered about it. I may possibly have had a gift of Tesco Value chocolate but the quicker that is glossed over the better, hmm? As I'm used to it I have learned to sort my own treats out and stumbled across this beauty on Ebay.

As a major fan of vintage buttons my heart just stopped when I saw it. I have a small collection of buttons myself that my little boy has taken to playing with and needless to say some are lost. But this is in a different league altogether. I had two whole days to wait before the auction ended. I bid my little heart out last night but unfortunately it wasn't enough and I lost. It was nice to dream though!

What I did get though is this from my lovely husband.

A just-for-me bag. No wipes, plastic cows, raisins, biscuit crumbs or leaky drinks. Bliss!


  1. Love the new bag, and happy belated birthday!

  2. Lovely bag !! Happy birthday x


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