Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The List

Hey everyone, I meant to come on yesterday to blog about the weekends car boot but I ended up engrossed in knitting. I'm making something to a tight deadline and really want to get it finished. I have a major problem with finishing things, almost a phobia, in case they aren't right or good enough and I wander off and start something else. It's a silly habit of mine and one I need to break. I'll show you how I got on once it is finished if you like.

I am a biiiiig fan of car booting in case you didn't know. I've only sold once and it was quite a scary experience with people grabbing things from the car and being pushy so have tended to stick to buying instead. Sundays at the moment seem to follow a definite sequence that even the Little Boy knows off by heart. We start off at the Car Boot with Sheep and then go to the Car Boot with Donkey then move on to a local farm with a bakery for a lunch of cheese and potato pie and sometimes an ice cream, and then home. I do like my Sundays but the CBWD has started to get much better than the CBWS and if we went to that one first it would totally ruin the system! CBWS has awesome coffee and cake too which is just what I need at silly o'clock in the morning. I am not a morning person, Mr J will tell you, but it is worth it for the bargains. We both have A List. Nooo, not that kind of list! This one is a mental list of things we have been looking for or need to buy to go with other items we have picked up. Mine is full of flowery stuff and old buttons and his is mainly dead bits of computer he can pick over to make Frankenstein like computers from all the bits. I'm glad he knows what he is doing because I don't!

This week was particularly good as I managed to score some long term wants from my list! Way back at the beginning of the car boot season last year I saw a fab enamel bread bin but as we were leaving Mr J talked me out of stopping for it. I never saw anything like it again til now. All for the tiny sum of £2! It's not old but good quality and I really love it.
Doesn't the word bread look weird if you stare at it for too long? BREAD!! Oh, just me then. You can also spot the other-worldly reflection of one of my cats in it.
And this manky looking footstool believe it or not was also on my list. The fabric is dusty and the foam has collapsed but it has a good set of sturdy legs and I have plans for it inspired by this picture. £2 again!
Last of all here are a few of the buttons I have bought lately. My favourite are the chunky pink ones on the card at the top. They look like they belong on an old bed jacket.

I'd better crack on with this knitting! Till next time.

Ms C

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