Friday, 20 August 2010

Swaps and spoons

Hi again! I'm on a roll with this blog posting. I'll try and keep it that way so I don't end up bogged down with all the things I want to post and get disheartened when I don't get chance to. I am gradually sorting out my links to other blogs and getting things how I'd like them.

I decided to go on a bit of a hunt for goodies yesterday, Mr J was home so I left the little ones with him and set off for my favourite charity shop. I have recently donated a lot of things there so I hadn't been in a while. I don't want to see my old stuff, only other peoples. There is always lovely furniture there, most of the things from my house have come from there or Ebay. I thought there was nothing for me this time until I was just on my way out and spotted a slightly grubby box that I just had to look in and discovered these lovely bright vintage coffee spoons. The make is called Chromepride but I can't seem to find out much about them online. I'd love to find some more. I think they will serve some light duty by living in the sugar bowl. Ok, sugar bowls. I have so many I have to rotate them so they all get a turn to actually do their intended job.
I then carried on to the market where I had found some vintage knitting patterns last week but hadn't had chance to look at them all and wanted to return to have another peek. Sadly it seemed I had already seen the best of them and the rest were very mohair and 80's which isn't an era I like very much even though I grew up in it. My day out then turned a bit sour as I came back to the car to find the door lock all blocked up with chewing gum which upset me a bit. It's an old-ish and simple car with no automatic locking so I had to remove it all before I could carry on my way to Hobbycraft where I stocked up for a couple of projects. I ended up straight in bed with a migraine when I got in, possibly because I'm such a stress monster when things go wrong! I don't think these people give a second thought to how their messing about can affect others.

Ok now on to the swap. There was a swap taking place over on Ravelry on the We Love Lucy group, Lucy being the lovely Lucy from the crochet blog Attic24, and I was paired up with Carissa from Canada. I was very late sending all my things off as everything seemed to go wrong here at home at once (so sorry Carissa!) and then when I did receive my lovely parcel my camera cable went missing so I am also pretty late with my thanks too. Very poor show, and the reason I have skipped the current swap as I need to get myself better organised before undergoing another! I also didn't take pics of what I sent but I really hope Carissa liked her parcel.

You want to see what I got? I had a lion tape measure, which is so me as I am a very proud Leo, some souvenirs of Calgary which aren't pictured as they have been whisked away to various corners of the house. My daughter has the little toy in her bed as she swooped on it the second my parcel was opened! I also had some tea that was very nice. But my favourite part was the yarn! I can honestly say I have never had anything quite so lovely given to me before. This one is a laceweight which I have always been a little scared of, but I am determined to make it into something very special even if I do have to wait a little while to get my skills up to scratch. I have a few friends at knitting group that I can ask for help with shawls as they have done them before so it's all good. The second is a Fleece Artist sock yarn, beautiful colours that won't be hidden inside shoes! I think this will become a scarf or shawl. They are both so soft and gorgeous. Thank you so much Carissa!
You can also see the funky lion tape measure on this pic, shown along with my new car boot sale bargain duvet set and curtains.

I have been doing a lot of furniture sanding and priming as well but the weather has slowed me down a bit with the constant rain. Plus I also made a hideous mistake with the primer which Mr J put down to me not reading the tin properly. I denied all but between you and me he was right. I can be a bit on the impulsive side it has to be said.

Till next time!

Ms C

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