Tuesday, 7 September 2010

10 things

Thanks to Sarah at Sugar and Spice for tagging me for my first award.

The rules are I have to tell you the blog who tagged me (above) and list 10 of my favourite things. Instead of the usual family, children etc I have decided to be a bit more offbeat. Because let's face it I have to love the children, it's the law. Even if they do steal my make-up and leave the toilet unflushed.

So here are my 10, in no particular order.

1. Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply in shade 448 - Sweetcorn. I don't like actual sweetcorn but this yarn is my favourite from my stash. I have 9 balls of it and it's discontinued so I can't decide what to do with it. I'd like enough to cover my bed and roll around on it a bit, like a cat with catnip. Yes, I would.2. Serj Tankian. Hear him here on YouTube or look him up on Spotify. I'm stalking my email for details of his tour. It has to be soon!3. Pizza Express pizza with the goat's cheese and spinach and red onions. I'm well overdue getting one, we were supposed to go for our anniversary in June but I was ill.

4. Vegetarian Haribo. I haven't eaten jelly type sweets for years as most of them aren't veggie friendly. There is a frightening amount of these wrappers in my bin.5. Harry Hill. If I were not married already I would rather like him to be my husband. He seems like such a nice bloke and funny to boot.6. Brighton. My heart says I belong there, my wallet says I do not.
7. Clint Eastwood. If I were 30 years older.... ! He is responsible for quite a few of my favourite films. Bridges of Madison County, Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino.
8. Bevelled mirrors. I don't actually know how many I have got. I buy them, I put them away. Mr J rolls his eyes. I think the answer is 'too many'
9. Reading blogs. I have so many on my blog reader it can get a bit much sometimes but I get through them in the end. I am gradually adding them to the sidebar so the list changes when they are updated. I love having a peek into other peoples lives and seeing things they are cooking or making.

10. Buttons!
I have stuck to the rules thus far, the next dictates I have to tag another 10 blogs to pass it on to. Most of the ones I read have already had it so I will leave it open for anyone to take up the award for their own blog. Let me know if you have posted your 10 things!

Ms C

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  1. #7 - Yeah for Clint Eastwood!!! He's a Libertarian just like ME. Plus, he's pretty dreamy in a rough and rugged kind of way. =)


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