Friday, 17 September 2010


Hi again. Life has changed a little around here now the kids are back at school. Last year I let things slide and there never seemed to be enough time in the evenings for anything but rushing, stress and the dreaded nagging! I decided that I needed to try a bit harder to make things work better for us and it seems to be going well so far. I just need to figure out where my time for blogging and knitting fit in. The little one is at home with me during the day and he seems to be at a bit of a loss without his big brother and sister after being used to seeing them all day. To pass the time he has taken to following me around clinging to the back of my knees and wailing. And saying 'No!' to everything, even things he wants to say 'Yes' to.

We went to the car boot last weekend as usual. I think that they will be becoming few and far between now the weather is turning colder, they aren't well attended as they were and everyone packs up much sooner. I did however knock a few items off The List in the form of a couple of standard lamps and a shade (still need to find a shade for the other) At the moment they are a bit worse for wear and they are joining the big To Do Queue to be prettied up. I have lovely ideas for them!

While I didn't buy very much I was led by the chain of purchases to my newest knitting project. My *daughter had spotted one of the patterns I bought and had taken a liking to it. The girl in the picture does look a bit like her, they have similar hair. I can't see my son taking on the boy's haircut though.
She said she would like 'that cardigan, a pink one please?' Then later on in the day she let out the call 'Look Mom, some buttons!' I have them trained up as an extra pair of eyes for my bargain hunting. In return I look out for Pokemon and dinosaurs and Duplo for them. And inside the (slightly musty smelling) tub of buttons that I bought for 50p was seven pink buttons. Just the right amount for the pattern.
Now I'd love to say that I found the yarn for 50p but I'm not that lucky. I don't often see yarn at the car boot and when I do it's usually scratchy or hairy and/or the colour of a dead badger. I tried to match in the yarn to the buttons but buying online it's always hard to tell colours but they go really well, although now I'm worried they are too boring! First impressions of the Artesano Superwash are really good. It comes in some beautiful colours and I will definitely be buying more in the future. Lots more!

I'm not a loyal shopper and tend to go where I can find the best deal ** and I'm an absolute pushover for a bit of free postage. I found the yarn at Hejhog for the very decent price of £2.90 a ball. There they also sell a selection of toiletries, accessories and clothes so it was easy to bring up my total to the £24 free postage limit with some new shampoo for my currently awful hair. My parcel arrived so quickly and everything was nicely wrapped in tissue paper. I love parcels like that. My daughter had expected me to make a whole cardigan in one day while she was at school. I wish I was that quick, though she was satisfied with my choice of colour. She declared it 'beautiful and soft, like a weasel' (????!) I'm currently learning a new way to cast on so it's taken me a bit longer than I hoped to get going but I'm planning some sitting down time with it this evening. Hopefully I will have some progress to report next time.

See you then!

Ms C

*I'm struggling to come up with nicknames for the kids. I should have given birth to the
A-Team instead, since they already have them

** Disclosure - My comments are based on my experience as a paying customer and I am not associated with them in any way nor have I received any compensation or gifts.

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