Tuesday, 21 September 2010

War of the Wools

Hello all, hope you had a nice weekend. The weather here wasn't grand so we didn't even attempt the car boot. Luckily I was anticipating the rain and had taken myself on a tour of the charity shops on Saturday instead. I bought some very ugly lampshades to go with my lamp bases that I have yet to decide on a colour for. I also found some more patterns for my vintage collection. I will probably never knit from even 1% of them but I so love looking through them. I will have to take some pics of my favourite ones to show you. I need to sort them out into categories now that I have somewhere to store them.

Which brings me on to my first find, a Golden Hands book from the 70's. At first I bought it solely for the cover, isn't it gorgeous? I didn't have time to look through it in the shop as my kids were charging about and I feared for the trinkets! Once I had it in my hands for the reasonable sum of £1 I found that it is actually chock full of different lace and colourwork stitches and other tips and was well worth the money. Some of the designs are a bit ropey of course but I instantly fell in love with this picture. It looks like something Boden would come up with these days. Apart from maybe the curtain tieback tassel belt!
Do you want to see my knitting progress? Please excuse the pictures, for some reason they have come out really faded looking. I'm having problems with both my cameras at the moment so I may have to ask Santa for a new one. It's the second time I have started it as my tubular cast on (instructions from Ysolda) was a little too tight and was curving. I didn't take the advice to go up a needle size and regretted it afterwards. I ripped back before I had done too much and am happier with it now. The cables are really slow going for someone like me. Every cable row seems to take so long and I'm always catching the front with the other needle and making little pulls in the yarn that I have to try and squoosh back in. I wish I was a fast knitter but as soon as I try to focus on speeding up I forget what I'm doing. At least slowly I can remember the pattern. For added safety I have used a lot of stitch markers.The trouble with knitting slowly is it gives me time to ponder. I'm actually really, REALLY tempted to do the sleeves stripy, like Dakota's cardi in War of the Worlds. Don't tell me I'm the only one who remembers films by the knitwear? Mr J just looked at me blankly when I told him I wanted to make a War of the Worlds cardigan. This is it here.
I know I am really bad at sticking to things that I have started , and stripes would mean buying yet more yarn but I reckon it would look so nice. I think I'll just plod on with the cables for now and make up my mind after I have done the front. I'm always jumping ahead with the next idea before finishing what I'm doing.

I also saw the most adorable wedding car, a white vintage VW camper van. I really wanted to snap a pic or wait to see the couple come out but felt a bit weird! Shame it was raining on their day but I'm sure they didn't mind too much. I've been married to Mr J for a good long while now but if I could have my day again I'd be sure to go with something like that.

Last week was pretty rotten for me. I have an ongoing family ruckus, aka The Situation, that on the whole I can cope with as long as I can keep my distance. Sometimes things do unavoidably flare up and the resulting upset knocks the wind out of my sails a little bit so I'm in need of some happy. I've booked myself in at the hairdressers for a long awaited hair overhaul and I'm really looking forward to that. I may also have something big and pine lurking in my car boot that I picked up this morning.

Till next time

Ms C

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  1. Love the cables. I think they look fab!
    Not so sure about stripes, but that's just me.


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