Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ills and Pills

Hello all. I hope you are all doing ok. I'm not doing so well at the moment. There I was just pootling through everyday life and ....whack! I get ill. My uterus and I have never really got along, although it redeemed itself slightly by providing me with some fabulous children. Now it has definitely been un-friended. It's behaving very badly! I'm waiting for a scan appointment to find out what on earth is going on. It will be odd having a scan while not pregnant that's for sure. Then as an added bonus I catch a cold. One by one we have fallen like dominoes, what an awful waste of the half term holidays!

I'm trying to get rid of my cold before I go to Fibre Flurry on Saturday. I have been looking forward to it for months. I have a finishing class booked with Susan Crawford that I had as a birthday present from Mr J. Half my problem with getting projects completed is my silly hang-up of getting things looking perfect, maybe this will give me the confidence to get some finished objects under my belt. I need to get well so I can pay attention!

My rubbish health has also prompted an end to feeding my gorgeous Little One. I know it had to happen sometime soon but I had been putting it off hoping he would lose interest of his own accord. Being (99.9% certainly) my last baby it has been really hard to let the page finally turn on that chapter of my life. I worked out that I have spent a combined total of 3.5 years breastfeeding and a whacking 124 weeks of being pregnant! I adore newborn babies, I really do, but now Little One is in sight of his 2nd birthday the urge to go back to that stage yet again is leaving me very rapidly! It's been quite refreshing to gradually get rid of the baby clothes and equipment as it gets outgrown.

Another downer was my car having yet another punctured tyre, second time in as many months with a large metal screw or nail being found embedded in them. It strikes me as too coincidental to be an accident and I must remember to be more observant before moving my car. I just can't afford to buy new tyres all the while. After the last time we looked around where I park and found lots more buried slightly under the ground. There has been a long running feud over parking between some neighbours that I have chosen to stay out of because it was just getting so unpleasant. I'm a peace loving kind of person. It's not fair if my car is getting damaged when I haven't done anything wrong! I'm not the only one this has happened to either. It's at times like this I hope the Karma fairy is real and taking note.

To cheer myself up a bit I had a bit of a mini-splurge on some new knitting patterns. Not for any particular reason just that I liked the look of them and was after some simple things in preemie sizes to make for charity.

It's 3am so I had better be crawling off to bed. I was trying to get my cough under control but nothing is working so I give up. I've got quite a bit of horrible housework to catch up on tomorrow!

Friday, 15 October 2010


Ruth-Marie commented on my last post and suggested I re-use the Hither Green squares to save frogging them and then add a border to the outside. It's a great idea if only for the slight problem of them being already gone! It was really easy as I had not sewn my ends in. Zzzzzzzzzzzip - gone! I got to wondering, why do I do that? Make them so easy to undo? I don't know if it's lack of confidence in getting it right or I'm just a big old project commitment-phobe. In a way I'm glad I didn't this time, I'm loving these new squares much more than the last ones. I have a small collection of them now, all with long tails hanging off and they were getting tangled up with each other. So for the first time ever, I have picked up my needle and sewn them in. It's like the crochet equivalent of giving someone your house key. This is commitment, folks!

Please note I am not a commitment-phobe in my relationship, I've been married to Mr J for ten years now. Although I don't wear a ring because it didn't fare too well being cut off my finger when I was heavily pregnant and I developed pre-eclampsia. I haven't got around to having it adjusted or looked for a new one. And truth be told my 32 year old fingers are just a bit bigger than my 22 year old ones were!

Don't tell my crochet blanket but I have started up a bit on the side. I swore that I would never be tempted by yarn in Lidl ever again but felt some of the wool/acrylic they have in at the moment and it's soooo soft. Unfortunately it only comes in green and brown so I decided to make them work together for a jumper for the little boy. Need to practice that, he is not a baby any more but I keep slipping up and calling him 'baby'. The pattern is Big Push Sweater from Miss Bea's Playtime. I've had all the Miss Bea books for ages but misplaced them. Now they are found! I have a couple of other projects in mind to try and reduce my stash a little.
The green is more peppermint in reality. If there were more colours I would be all over it! 6 balls for £5.99, excellent.

Till next time!

Ms C

Monday, 11 October 2010

While I was waiting

Hello again. I hope everyone's weekend was good? I didn't do a lot really as I haven't been feeling great. The sofa and I have been spending a lot of time together! I was hoping to have some pics of my new dining table to show you but as always things didn't go to plan. Mr J went to collect it on Saturday only to find the legs don't come off as was first thought and it wouldn't fit in the car. I have been waiting in most of today for it to be delivered instead and it's sitting upended in the front room until I have the energy to swap it for our current one. It really took some getting through the front door by the delivery men (who were a teeny bit grumpy it has to be said) so I'm not keen on the idea of moving it through another two doorways by myself.

In the meantime with all the waiting I had some sitting to do. Our doorbell only works when it feels like it and if I wander too far from the front door I can't hear when there is someone there so I had to leave the inside door open to be able to see. Oh my, it was cold!! I could have had the heating on but thought it too wasteful with the heat escaping out of the door. So I sat and drank tea (too much tea) and crocheted. See the hook on the picture? That is my favourite one ever. I recently got it in a swap with a lady called Barb in the USA. I have some Susan Bates hooks already but really wanted a handled one to make it just perfect but couldn't find anywhere online that didn't have massive amounts of shipping applied. I was complaining on a Ravelry board about it and Barb stepped in to help me out in return for some UK crochet goodies which I was happy to supply. I'd just better not lose it now, eh?
So what was I making? The yarn for this has been plaguing me for almost a year. I bought it to make a blanket for my eldest boy. I wanted red, white and dark grey but the shop was out of stock and I ended up choosing navy blue instead of the grey. It was going to be a Hither Green Throw but after many squares I had to admit I just didn't like it.
Photo from Lion Brand

I was beginning to hate the yarn which was a disaster as I have a whole blanket worth. I tried a few other types of square but nothing seemed to fit. I didn't want it to look too patriotic and wondered about adding another colour but really could do without more yarn for this project! I put the yarn away up a corner where it stayed for a long time until late on Saturday I finally clicked with an idea. I'm slowly making friends with the yarn again. Round by round, square by square. I hope this one is a keeper.

Ms C

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Mind of an Indecisive Yarnaholic

I am terrible at making up my mind. I just can't do it. Case in point, I have had no oven for 4 months and money sitting waiting to be spent on one. Even worse a there has been a distinct lack of cakey goodness around here but even that couldn't make me choose one. In the end fate took over and presented us with an ex-display model half price bargain which would have been too expensive for us otherwise. It was stumbled upon while in the DIY store looking for something else entirely. Serendipity is good! The downside is we have to wait for it not to be on display anymore as it is part of a show kitchen (can I have the kitchen as well, as a freebie? Please?) and they will call us when it's ready in a couple of weeks.

Though when I am faced with a bargain that I have to make a snap decision on you can forget it. The pressure! Making any decision while I am in the presence of yarn with three hyper after-school-on-a-Friday children that are fresh from the living hell that is shoe shopping is tricky. I was all choose-d out.

We had found ourselves in Hobbycraft, well, because it was near the shoe shop and I am a glutton for punishment and thought I'd drag my unruly brood in there so I could check out the yarn. I have no idea what else they sell as I never get further than that aisle. I've learned to look closely at the price tickets as it isn't very obvious when things are reduced, they are sneaky like that. Also one of the labels shows the yarn shade as being 'Exotic Poo' which appeals to my basic sense of humour. I spot some Sirdar Balmoral with one shade priced as 99p a ball. Here is where am sucked into a vortex of indecision of my own making. Really all I want is for someone to say 'Yes, buy it!' and absolve my guilt over spending any money. Instead I end up either trying to justify my purchase or talk myself out of it and getting nowhere. I have reconstructed the scene for you all in my forgotten-by-taste-and-time kitchen and a yellow plastic toy shopping trolley.

Do I need more yarn? That's pretty cheap and it's real wool as well. Maybe get a couple for some hand warmers. Or a hat.
But it's so cheap! I could make a cardigan for the baby. I could mix it with some other colours and do some fairisle. Maybe a couple more.
Oh, didn't someone on Ravelry say it was a bit scratchy? It might get softer with washing. It doesn't feel that scratchy to me. Where have my kids gone? They sound like they are murdering each other. Need to hurry up! 6 will do.
I wonder how many is on this shelf? I'll count them into my basket. I could make a cardigan for me, a project for less than £20! What if it really is scratchy? But it's not like I wear nothing under a cardigan is it? Do I really need more yarn? What if the 99p is a mistake!

I have also recently impulse purchased a new dining table, complete with the requisite indecision and bored, wailing children. It won't fit in the car. Of course I only found this out after I had sent Mr J to collect it and taken the legs off my old one!! I'll tell you more about that next time. After I have put the legs back on the table.

See you soon!

Ms C

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

And 7 things

I was tagged by Joanna at At Home With Mrs M a little while back and even had to trawl back to find out which award it was and what I had to do. I'm so bad at this. Tag me at your peril, fellow bloggers!
In return for this lovely badge I am required to tell you seven little known facts about myself . Are there any? Lets find out!

1. I hate the Happy Birthday song, it makes me cringe and I never sing it - ever. Not even to my children. I avoid this by being the one taking pictures. It's the uncomfortable way that people have to try and fit in the persons name in the allotted space and it never fits unless it's 2 syllables. And then it still sounds daft because nobody sings it at the same time.

2. I can't wait to be a Grandma. Obviously not too soon, I can definitely wait till they are past their teens. I'm in training for being the best granny ever. I'm going to be so awesome they are totally going to want to sleepover at my house and make cookies. Unless I get a daughter/son in law who doesn't like me and thinks I'm a weirdo. That could happen.

3. Words that aren't spoken as they are spelled bother me. Segue, hyperbole, I'm talking about you.

4. I used to loathe wicker but now my house is full of baskets of the picnic, laundry and storage variety. I even have a wicker commode (not used by me I hasten to add)

5. I stir my tea 21 times, and have to start again if I lose count.

Can I just point out that I am struggling with the last two and I asked Mr J for help and he cruelly laughed at my tea stirring. Which leads me to.....

6. I hate being laughed at. I'm a sensitive special snowflake.

7. I spend a lot of time on my own. I don't like it! I have a busy, restless mind and I drive myself mad. I much prefer chatting to real people but unfortunately don't see many in my day.

Now I have to tag some other bloggers. I'm never sure who to go for and tend to leave it open for others to pick up as I know awards aren't everyone's cup of tea, which is fine. I added myself to the Young Things blogroll over at Meet me at Mike's yesterday and notice I have had a few visitors from there. Hello! I am slowly making my way though the list, there are some top blogs there and I will be back to read many of them again. If you have come from there and have a new blog then please feel free to pick up this award.

See you soon

Ms C
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