Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Mind of an Indecisive Yarnaholic

I am terrible at making up my mind. I just can't do it. Case in point, I have had no oven for 4 months and money sitting waiting to be spent on one. Even worse a there has been a distinct lack of cakey goodness around here but even that couldn't make me choose one. In the end fate took over and presented us with an ex-display model half price bargain which would have been too expensive for us otherwise. It was stumbled upon while in the DIY store looking for something else entirely. Serendipity is good! The downside is we have to wait for it not to be on display anymore as it is part of a show kitchen (can I have the kitchen as well, as a freebie? Please?) and they will call us when it's ready in a couple of weeks.

Though when I am faced with a bargain that I have to make a snap decision on you can forget it. The pressure! Making any decision while I am in the presence of yarn with three hyper after-school-on-a-Friday children that are fresh from the living hell that is shoe shopping is tricky. I was all choose-d out.

We had found ourselves in Hobbycraft, well, because it was near the shoe shop and I am a glutton for punishment and thought I'd drag my unruly brood in there so I could check out the yarn. I have no idea what else they sell as I never get further than that aisle. I've learned to look closely at the price tickets as it isn't very obvious when things are reduced, they are sneaky like that. Also one of the labels shows the yarn shade as being 'Exotic Poo' which appeals to my basic sense of humour. I spot some Sirdar Balmoral with one shade priced as 99p a ball. Here is where am sucked into a vortex of indecision of my own making. Really all I want is for someone to say 'Yes, buy it!' and absolve my guilt over spending any money. Instead I end up either trying to justify my purchase or talk myself out of it and getting nowhere. I have reconstructed the scene for you all in my forgotten-by-taste-and-time kitchen and a yellow plastic toy shopping trolley.

Do I need more yarn? That's pretty cheap and it's real wool as well. Maybe get a couple for some hand warmers. Or a hat.
But it's so cheap! I could make a cardigan for the baby. I could mix it with some other colours and do some fairisle. Maybe a couple more.
Oh, didn't someone on Ravelry say it was a bit scratchy? It might get softer with washing. It doesn't feel that scratchy to me. Where have my kids gone? They sound like they are murdering each other. Need to hurry up! 6 will do.
I wonder how many is on this shelf? I'll count them into my basket. I could make a cardigan for me, a project for less than £20! What if it really is scratchy? But it's not like I wear nothing under a cardigan is it? Do I really need more yarn? What if the 99p is a mistake!

I have also recently impulse purchased a new dining table, complete with the requisite indecision and bored, wailing children. It won't fit in the car. Of course I only found this out after I had sent Mr J to collect it and taken the legs off my old one!! I'll tell you more about that next time. After I have put the legs back on the table.

See you soon!

Ms C


  1. Oh that is so me! Thank you for making me smile on a Sunday morning which is no easy task. I have done the Hobbycraft with three children, trying to choose..... what if the price is wrong... oh good grief look at the's Saturday why is there only one till on..... when I get back to the cat Mr TB will ask how come a darning kneedle requires a carrier bag and give me the knowing nod that he knows I have bought much much more....quick head count on children incase they are glueing each other and pushing beads up each others noses in an aisle..... thing.
    But gorgeous choice of yarn and yes it is a bargain ;o)

  2. *ahem* I have so done that at hobbycraft :D it was with reduced rowan lima, but not in those quantities. I got 1, then 3, went to have a look at the fimo then back for another one. I even came back the next day for one more in the same dyelot. Hobbycraft is the mother of all enablers! :D
    just curious :) how'd you find my blog?

  3. Hi Steph! I found you through Eskimimi Knits.

    Oh I forgot about Fimo, had tons of that stuff when I was a kid. Never made anything any good out of it though.

  4. oh yes, it is so easy to go and "look" isn't it!!!
    Buy wool... don't feel guilty!
    you don't want to get to heaven and think " Man I wish I'd eaten more cake and indulged my passion for wool more!!!!!"
    (my motto)


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