Monday, 11 October 2010

While I was waiting

Hello again. I hope everyone's weekend was good? I didn't do a lot really as I haven't been feeling great. The sofa and I have been spending a lot of time together! I was hoping to have some pics of my new dining table to show you but as always things didn't go to plan. Mr J went to collect it on Saturday only to find the legs don't come off as was first thought and it wouldn't fit in the car. I have been waiting in most of today for it to be delivered instead and it's sitting upended in the front room until I have the energy to swap it for our current one. It really took some getting through the front door by the delivery men (who were a teeny bit grumpy it has to be said) so I'm not keen on the idea of moving it through another two doorways by myself.

In the meantime with all the waiting I had some sitting to do. Our doorbell only works when it feels like it and if I wander too far from the front door I can't hear when there is someone there so I had to leave the inside door open to be able to see. Oh my, it was cold!! I could have had the heating on but thought it too wasteful with the heat escaping out of the door. So I sat and drank tea (too much tea) and crocheted. See the hook on the picture? That is my favourite one ever. I recently got it in a swap with a lady called Barb in the USA. I have some Susan Bates hooks already but really wanted a handled one to make it just perfect but couldn't find anywhere online that didn't have massive amounts of shipping applied. I was complaining on a Ravelry board about it and Barb stepped in to help me out in return for some UK crochet goodies which I was happy to supply. I'd just better not lose it now, eh?
So what was I making? The yarn for this has been plaguing me for almost a year. I bought it to make a blanket for my eldest boy. I wanted red, white and dark grey but the shop was out of stock and I ended up choosing navy blue instead of the grey. It was going to be a Hither Green Throw but after many squares I had to admit I just didn't like it.
Photo from Lion Brand

I was beginning to hate the yarn which was a disaster as I have a whole blanket worth. I tried a few other types of square but nothing seemed to fit. I didn't want it to look too patriotic and wondered about adding another colour but really could do without more yarn for this project! I put the yarn away up a corner where it stayed for a long time until late on Saturday I finally clicked with an idea. I'm slowly making friends with the yarn again. Round by round, square by square. I hope this one is a keeper.

Ms C


  1. Oh I remember those squares! Why don't you join what squares you have together to make one large central square then do stripes around the outside - that way you can use up what you have done and it saves frogging those unwanted squares x

  2. Lovely squares!! If you like, come visit my Link Pary that's on my blog every Saturday. I would really like it if you add something.

  3. Thank you Annemarie, I will pop over for a look now.


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