Sunday, 14 November 2010

My Saturday

I am sulking. It's what I always do when things go wrong. Not behaviour that befits my age I know but sometimes I need to take a step back and sit quietly by myself and figure out what to do next.

I had a lovely day yesterday. Finished the knitting part of my baby cardigan and put it in my bag and set off with my eldest to potter around some shops and see if I could find a nice button to match. Yes, with all my buttons not a single one was the correct shade of purple! My boy is going through a tricky stage at the moment and it's not often I get to spend time with him on his own. We looked around the charity shops and the health food shop and had a nice afternoon. I got my button, well two actually, nice to have options! I also found some lovely yellow yarn in the bargain bin which had to come with me at £2 a ball.

When we got home armed with a pizza and plans to watch tv, that's when it all went wrong. The top of the tv was wet! Our ceiling has had old water marks on it for a while. The last occupants were obviously aware of a problem but had covered it up with fresh plaster and oil paint. Once the leak happened again we realised and while it didn't look particularly nice we left it until we had the time to get it fixed up properly, as long as the leak was ok I could live with the bad ceiling. But this was more than a few drips of water and bits of plaster were starting to drop down. We ushered the kids upstairs and moved the tv and had no choice but to remove the wet plaster before it fell on one of us. I was in my pj's and socks and had quickly covered my hair up with a pair of my daughters school tights, I looked ridiculous! I have learned from past experience that plaster dust in my hair takes an age to wash out so I wasn't taking any chances.

The reason the ceiling was giving way so easily was because someone had left big bits of rubble and offcuts of brick under the floorboards which were too heavy for the ceiling to hold so we had to get it all down.

I was joking about it on Twitter last night but really it was horrible. My poor Little One was wailing until he eventually fell asleep. I was just too covered in dust to pick him up. By the time we had cleared and swept and mopped and hoovered it was gone 11:30 and then a further hour till I was in clean clothes and in my bed. I had a dream that the whole house fell into a crater in the ground, yet we carried on living there.

This morning I'm tired and I'm sore and really not sure where to go from here.


  1. Oh poor you! That's just pants! I hope you have some friends that are tradesmen who can help fix it a bit cheaper. Well at least I suppose (she says trying to clutch at any positive straws!) you were out and it didn't come down on you or the kids. Small mercies I know. Chin up chicken. xx

  2. OMG!!!! It's like Deja Vu for me looking at those Pictures!!! I have been living with various holes in Ceilings and walls since August!!!My Heart goes out to you xx

  3. Thanks both. The worst part of it is I have quickly realised that there is no sound proofing at all between the living room and bathroom and you can hear every word, sound and child that sings on the loo. Nightmare!

  4. Oh no! That's awful, will your insurance cover it? My Mum had her bathroom soil pipe disintegrate all over the kitchen and it took out the ceiling, and after much wrangling they did fix it. Hugs x

  5. Oh honey, I know what you are going through. I completely understand (I have my own story of repair woes). You have the right to sulk, and even throw a giant fit if you so wish.

    I hope things get well soon.

  6. Thats a helluva lot of damage. I hope it wont be too expensive to repair. Always some stupid idiot has to leave a mess behind for someone else to get stuck with it.

  7. Oh you poor things!!! What a big mess - you're entitled to sulk - hope its all fixed soon!


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