Friday, 15 April 2011


I have used a lifeline for the first time ever. Why haven't I done it before?! My six rows of lace were causing me hassle, I just couldn't get them right. It's so hard to remember what I am doing, especially when someone comes in and talks to me. I'll be in the middle of my mental 'yf, SSK, K3, K2tog...' when I get 'Mommmmmy!' *insert child related request here* and then my mind is blank and I'm left staring at my knitting waiting for it to magically tell me what is next. Which of course it doesn't. One thing I have found with lace is that it has made me like purl rows as that's when you get to see the pattern emerge.

I'm off to do that holiday thing in the morning, of course I haven't packed everything yet. Apart from my knitting bag! I'm taking the lacy cardigan and these colours here in DK for another baby project I've had my mind on for a while.

There is no internet where I'm going, wonder who will miss it the most? It probably won't be me. I'm also taking a book, a proper one with pages. It's about a man who attacks people based on their shoes. I'm safe, mine aren't anywhere near fancy enough.

Back soon!

PS The colour chart is made using ColorCombos. A bonus for the colour challenged like me.

PPS Burglars, don't bother! My cats have got full waitress service for the duration. I expect they will be pounds heavier by the time I get back.

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