Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Out of the loop!

Hello all. I haven't disappeared after the fun of Knit and Crochet blog week it's just my kitchen and laundry basket were screaming out for attention. I'm getting us prepared for going on holiday, our first as a family in 5 years so we're really looking forward to it. The eldest two kids get taken to France by their aunt in the summer. I've been busy cooking and freezing meals for next week so I have time for packing and getting my poor battered car ready to go. I still haven't quite caught up on reading posts but trying to fit as many as I can into my tea breaks.

I've also been to see two school assemblies and helped the small ones decorate a hat and an egg for a competition at school today. Though seeing some of the things people were carrying in today my craft box is nowhere near up to scratch! We had an 11th hour disaster last night, I saw one of the sheep's eyes was coming off, pressed it and it's whole face imploded! My boy was trying really hard not to cry, so out came the eggs and the saucepan and we started all over again. The fleece may or may not be made from a shredded sanitarywear item, I'm not telling! It's not the winning that counts.........

I have new yarn and am off to knitting group tonight. Just need to decide what it is exactly I am casting on!

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