Wednesday, 27 April 2011

When is a WIP not a WIP?

When it's a ball of frogged yarn and some empty needles. Grrrrr! I just couldn't get past the 5th repeat without making some sort of silly mistake and the yarn had been ripped back so many times it had started to get splitty and fuzzy which made for even more mistakes. I know it's inevitable as it's my first time at lace but it is so disheartening. I'm not sure whether to cast on again with fresh yarn or give it a break for a while and start something else. Maybe in a different colour? Is it just me who gets sick of the sight of a yarn once they have worked with it for so long?

Sorry there isn't much going on on my needles this week, why not check over at Tami's blog and see what everyone else has been up to.

Just thought I'd also show you my spoils from the mid-week car boot today. Mr J is still off work, he only has to do one day tomorrow and then he has 4 more days off as it's the Royal Wedding. It's fair to say I have been painfully miserable lately so Mr J has taken it upon himself to merrily chivvy me along and make me go out to places even if I don't want to. He can be irritating like that. Especially as I end up enjoying myself!

I saw this metal tray in a box of house clearance. I like the way it has been used and worn away and I love the font used for the engraving. It was a very reasonable 50p and now Mr J thinks he is exempt from buying me anything for our anniversary ever again. It's not until June anyhow, there's time!

I almost didn't buy this print but ended up going back for it, there's just something about it I like and for £1 it isn't much of a risk is it? Google tells me the artist designed for Royal Doulton china.

Hope everyone is well in blogland. Til next time!

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