Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WIP Wednesday

This is my first go at WIP Wednesday. I have seen WIP posts on other blogs and thought it might keep me on the straight and narrow if the world could see my umming and ahhing about projects. For the uninitiated WIP stands for 'Work In Progress' and WIP Wednesday is hosted over on Tami's Amis where you can add your link and also see what other people are up to should you be lacking in inspiration. Or just a nosey piece, like me.

I cast on one of my (many!) vintage baby patterns yesterday. I forgot to add the pattern to my picture. It has a moss stitch border and a simple(!) lace pattern, worked in one piece to armholes. I wasn't totally sure on the colour, but I have 10 balls of it I picked up from Kemps when they had 500g of Rowan for £5, so if it doesn't work out at least it didn't cost the earth. The yarn is Cashsoft 4ply in the shade 'Spa'.

I have always struggled with moss stitch before, it always looked flippy and floppy and not the straight lines of bumps I wanted to see. After thinking about it for a little while I realised that the method I use to keep my rib stitch neater would work with moss too! Lightbulb moment. When I was a fairly newbie knitter I happened upon this post at Nona Knits where she suggests to wrap the purl stitch following a knit stitch clockwise, or the way I use to remember it, like the needle is putting on a scarf. When you meet the stitch again later it will be sitting on the needle twisted so you have to knit/purl it through the back loop. Depending on the stitch pattern and whether you are knitting flat or in the round it might mean that you don't have to wrap clockwise on the next row. If you are purling tbl then you won't need to wrap clockwise on that row but the next one instead. I hope that makes sense. Maybe your moss and rib are just fine as they are and it seems like a big ol' faff but thought it was worth putting out there. I certainly notice a difference anyway.

So after the best moss stitch I have knitted - evah! I have a 6 row lace pattern. Aaaaaand I went and made a mess of it, so I got to do the moss stitch all over again. All practice isn't it? As I type I have made it to row 5 and all looking ok. I may just conquer my fear of yo's yet!

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