Sunday, 10 April 2011

Wonderwool Wales 2011

Hello! It's been a beautiful day today and I was up bright, well ok not so bright, and early to head off to Wonderwool Wales with my friend who kindly did the driving. The sat-nav took us through some very nice scenery and we saw a lot of sheep!

Luckily for us it wasn't so busy today as it was last time we visited. I think the Saturday must be busiest as I heard a lot of stallholders saying how they had been run off their feet the day before. I'm glad it was quieter as crowds get me all flustered and even more indecisive than usual. I brought my camera with me and sometimes managed to remember to take it out of my bag!

There were of course some very unusual sheep.

This one is a young one, apparently the horns get much bigger. Eek!

His lady friends

And the warmest, curliest sheep ever!

This stall caught my eye. I have never really paid attention to rug hooking before, most of the designs I have seen are things like horse's heads and bug-eyed kittens, but aren't these so lovely?
You may be thinking these bags look very Lucy of Attic24 , and you would be right! After chatting to Carole who is behind Hooked By Design, it was Lucy who taught her to crochet at her hooky group. They are made with her rug wool and very sturdy!

She gave a demonstration of how to hook and it looks much easier than I imagined. I am very tempted by the Union Jack designs you can see on her website.

There were lots and lots of gorgeous stalls to see and I wish I had taken pics of a few more but the day seemed to run away with me (and I was a little shy about asking!) It's the second year running I have been to Wonderwool and I will definitely be back next time. If you get the chance to go then do! I missed out on the vegetarian scotch eggs again but the twisty turny mountain roads of Wales and my appetite are not compatible.

So you want to see what I bought? I didn't have a huge budget due to our upcoming holiday but there were bargains to be had and I as usual had trouble choosing. The Wendy Merino Bliss as mentioned in my Knit and Crochet Blog Week post was a bargainous £1.99 a ball. The multicoloured yarn is so much prettier in real life but it was night time before I took the pictures. It's Mirasol Chirapa and was £2.95 a skein. The fabric in the background was £1.50. I don't know why I wanted it, just did! There were some awesome retro curtains for £10 a pair but I couldn't justify them. Boooo!

Over on Calon Yarns they had big sweetie jars of buttons to root through, I got some I was needing for an upcoming project, hopefully I will get time to work on it on hols. The random ball of 4ply was from a bargain bin. I am collecting many colours for a big project, will probably take me a while. The retro patterns were from Alterknitive, who also appreciate the ones with funny photo's like I do! For more knitting pattern funnies you might want to check out Yarn Yuck. The coil-less safety pins were to fill a gap in my knitting kit and were from Atomic Knitting.

In case you were thinking of taking your dog with you, just FYI

Ok? :-D

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