Sunday, 1 May 2011

Car Boot Finds

Hello all! I trust you are having a good holiday weekend? One thing I like about holiday weekends is the extra day of opportunity to acquire junk at the car boot sales. We're planning on heading out to another tomorrow but I got a fair amount today and I also wanted to join in with Flea Market Finds over on the Her Library Adventures blog. A few people I read take part in this and I fancied a go as well. If thrifting is your thing then you may want to pop over to the blog to see what everyone else has foraged this week.

We went to two car boots today, though the items have got mixed up into the same pics. The wind is howling out there and coupled with bright sunshine it made picture taking a little tricky, hence the heavy shadows. Every time I moved my arms the wind was trying to flash my underwear to the neighbours and I had to spare them that sight and get the pics done quickly!

First of all I bought this Joules garden tool wrap thingy for 50p. I thought I could make it work to house knitting needles if I added some rows of stitching but on closer inspection the binding is sewn really tightly around the edges and it doesn't lay flat so I will unpick it to make something else. The mug is an Emma Bridgewater and I practically skipped away when the stall-holder said it was 50p also. The writing on the inside says 'Common Tern', not suggesting I am common as it appears on the photo!

There were literally boxes of these vintage biscuit tins and I was hard pressed not to come away with the lot! Instead I chose my favourites. 4 for £2. I'm really in love with these.

This pine towel rail/clothes rail was £1. I have seen people display patchwork quilts on them so I bought it to put my imaginary patchwork quilt on. I'll make one at some point. It will probably take me that long to strip the sticky brown finish off it!

The second car boot we went to was absolutely rammed and it took almost half an hour to get in and find a parking space. That was fun. Not. By the time we did it was almost packing away time and this (sewing box? Art table?) I had idly looked at was practically forced into my hands as I was told 'It's 50p, take it!' by the seller.

It looks like this inside. Interestingly even though it is dark wood and battered I haven't the urge to paint it, I like it as it is. Minus the dust of course! Car boot #2 is a total dustfest.

The tapestry picture was free as I pulled it out of a bin. It's true, I have zero shame when it comes to thrifting! The dust was also free. The pine frames are for painting and were 50p each. All in all a successful day! I haven't quite been feeling OK these past few weeks and have had some serious doubts about Who I Am but the fact I have really enjoyed myself today has gone some way to making me feel a bit better. Please excuse my garden, a green and pleasant land it is not.

Thank you for the comments on my WIP Wednesday post. The lace cardigan is officially off the needles as one of my 3mm Knitpro tips met a tragic end by being sat on and I need to buy another set before I can start again.

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