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Garter Stitch Intarsia - WIP Wednesday

Hello! Thanks for the yarn love on my last post. I've got it all sitting in a basket so I can look at it as I pass by. I have decided that I need just a few more colours, no hurry as I haven't quite decided on a pattern. My favourites on Ravelry and my Pinterest page are filling up with pictures of crochet blankets! It's going to be quite a long term project as I have other things I'd like to do as well. Which brings me onto this weeks WIP Wednesday. I am making a garter stitch toddler cardigan that I'm basing on a picture I saw on a children's clothing website. I bought the colours for it ages ago and then as usual had a change of plan when I was finally able to find the right sort of apple-y green that I originally wanted so it was back to plan A! DK weight merino will never go to waste around here so I'm not too worried about the fate of the stuff I already bought.

The cardigan pattern I'm loosely following is knit bottom up in pieces and I wanted to knit in one piece to armholes so the design wasn't interrupted by a side seam. Though I have lacked the foresight about what to do about where to divide for the fronts and back as there is no armhole shaping, it's a fairly loose fitting rectangular drop shoulder cardigan. So far the plan is to make the sleeve first and measure to see where I need to divide for front and back and try not to leave too much to sew up under the arm. I can't do the sleeves in the round as they are intarsia too. I also don't know where to place the buttonholes!

I have cast on this project no less than 6 times, when I actually got it going I then realised that I had no clue about how to do intarsia in garter stitch and what I had guessed at looked like all kinds of poop. I promptly got myself onto my friend Google and was able to find only one photo tutorial which was a little light on information about dealing with the wrong side (meaning I did it wrongly- again!) so I have decided to do one myself in case anyone else is in a similar quandry. Please excuse pic quality, I have tried my best with my ailing camera. The yarn in the pic is actually brown and not the purple it appears. Pics can be biggified for a better look but please excuse any bits of cat fur that might be visible up close. That stuff gets everywhere! Oh and the cast on is provisional. Do you find some people look at provisional cast ons in a funny way as they look a little messy? I bet they are thinking 'Wow, you're not very good at knitting are you? That looks a mess!'

So on with the tutorial. I hope it is clear and useful!

Intarsia in Garter Stitch

Right Side (RS)

Here is the work with the right side (RS) facing. Knit along to where you wish to change colours

As with stockinette intarsia, both yarns will be at the back of the work. Before continuing you will need to anchor them together or you will end up with two pieces of work independent of each other, which isn't really what we're after!

Here is what's happening on the WS (wrong side) Cross the 'old' yarn (brown) over the top of the 'new' yarn (green) and hold them in that position while you make the next stitch in the new yarn. Don't worry if it's a little loose, you can adjust the tension once the stitch is made. Carry on knitting to the end of the row and turn, then knit the next row back to the place where the colours join.

Wrong Side (WS)

One stitch to go

When you get back to the brown yarn, it will be hanging in the front of the work and anchored by a green stitch.

First bring your green yarn to the front

Then bring the brown yarn under the green and through the needles to the back ready to use for your next stitch

The green is left at the front. Don't be tempted to overtighten the changeover stitches, on the working row they do look a little loose but they will snug up together just fine.

Like this!

In short
  • All twisting of yarn happens on the same side (WS)
  • The 'old' yarn always crosses over the 'new' yarn
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