Friday, 27 May 2011

Pizza Day!

Hi again. It's Day 5 of my posts for National Vegetarian Week, 2 more days and you won't hear a peep from me about cooking for ages I promise! I'm definitely feeling the strain and long to make a 'normal' meal like jacket potatoes and beans. But I challenged myself to try something new every day so continue I must. Today I have made pizza. I used to work in a pizza place when I was young, it was a horrible job! Goodness knows why I stuck at it for as long as I did. It was my task to prepare the toppings using only a domestic food processor which used to burn out and the handle was falling off. Sometimes when they were short staffed I was allowed to make pizza. I learned a few things like and how much topping to use but the bases were made during the day and I never saw how that was done.

I chose the base recipe from The Quince Tree as it was very easy to follow and the pictures are fab. Take a look at her blog while you are there, she makes some very lovely things. Nutella cupcakes today! I dusted off my Kitchen Aid to make the dough, it's shameful how little I use it but it's a lack of space problem again. The sauce was made using this recipe from What Megan's Making, it looked interesting as you don't need to cook it beforehand, just blend it up and go.

For the topping I used sweetcorn, red and green peppers and mushrooms. This wasn't the best angle to take the picture from as it has Mr J's share at the front which is a cheese-free wasteland. He doesn't eat cheese because he says it gives him migraines. I disagree but we have been having the same argument for 13 years now and if he wants to eat ugly pizza then he can. It's funny that his other 'migraine trigger' chocolate is ok to eat.

I used one of the pizza trays with the little holes in the bottom and had immense difficulty removing it once it had cooked. We had to poke at it a lot with spatulas and it survived almost in one piece. It wasn't bad for a first attempt anyway, I did find it much more filling than a shop bought pizza but it was massive and quite thick. We had it with onion rings and potato wedges as it is customary in our house to eat the less than healthy stuff on a Friday!

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