Sunday, 22 May 2011


Weather was blowy today wasn't it? We only spent a short time out, mainly because it was threatening rain and I also didn't feel up to doing much. I had some treatment on my hosti-popple visit and I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself! I got the tray as I have found the smaller one from a couple of weeks ago so useful for dragging drinks and snacks into my lair (the front living room!) It was 50p and the lovely pair of jugs (sorry, couldn't resist!) were 20p each. On the way home we passed a charity shop which unusually for a Sunday was open and I got the striped frilly pillowcases and the turquoise pot. They don't do packaging like that anymore do they? Everything should come with free ribbon!

If thrifting is your thing then head over to Her Library Adventures to see what everyone else has found.

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