Sunday, 15 May 2011

When thrifting dreams come true!

Hello all! It seems I weathered the Blogger problems ok but my Google Reader has been a bit of a shambles with other people's posts disappearing and reappearing like no-body's business! Hopefully it's all settled now and we can get on with things. Firstly thank you so much for the encouraging comments on my photo tutorial. I won't lie, it took me ages to get the pictures in the correct order and if it helps just one person it will have been worth it. I find as a constantly learning knitter it isn't always easy to find the answers you are after.

So this weekend wasn't exactly looking great weather-wise. I didn't get up till gone 8am because of the Eurovision Song Contest (well done Jedward!) and the amount I drank while watching it. Normal people would see that as early on a Sunday but in car booting terms, it's late! We were minus two of the children though as they were out on a sleepover so getting ready was much faster than usual.

Sleepover food

We went along to our usual Car Boot #1 which was very quiet and fruitless so we went on to Car Boot #2 and it was spotting with rain all the way so we weren't expecting it to be any good at all but carried on as we needed to go to the shops after anyway. People have a tendency to pack up and run away at the first sign of rain! On the way we always talk about our wishlist and finding things we have always wanted for mere pennies. And it can happen sometimes!

I started off buying a chamber pot for £1. I have a green one in the same shape that belonged to my gran. I don't know what it is I like about them. Maybe that they look like giant teacups? But when you consider their intended purpose that seems a bit weird. I think their working life is over, though you never know. Sometimes living with 4 other people and only one bathroom is a tricky! I didn't get chance to look at much after that as my youngest one decided he wanted to walk by himself, which is 2 year old speak for running away and staying mere centimetres from your grasp. It's a finely tuned skill for sure. I spotted a long metal box with 'Knitting Machine' written on a post-it but by the time I could get to look at it another woman was already in the negotiating stage so I walked away without even seeing it. When I met up with Mr J at the car he told me he had something for me in the car and it was the knitting machine! Apparently the woman had refused to pay more than £1 for it so he had swooped in and bought it for £2.50. Even better, the bag that came with it contained what I have wanted for ages - a ball winder!!!! I wasn't sure about the knitting machine but the price was worth it for the winder alone. The machine looks to be in fabulous condition and it's a Brother so I presume it is good quality. I will look into how it all works soon but it weighs a ton so I didn't get a picture before it was put away. I have already been winding up some yarn and fond the chamber pot makes an awesome yarn bowl. I don't have a swift but have improvised using a piece of wood with a dowel at each end. When it's placed on the floor the yarn comes straight off it without catching when you wind it.

Mr J had also bought me a workbench for 50p which will save my back when I'm sanding furniture. On the way back to the car I also bought this little 1950's bedside table for £2. It's very cute. I also bought a standard lamp for £1, just seen in the picture. I've already got one that needs rewiring but this one is good to go. I also grabbed about 6 really decent picture frames that had been left behind by a seller to be disposed of. They are the same as the ones I bought a couple of weeks ago. Mr J also found a computery part he had been looking for as well, all for free!

And this isn't from yesterday, I bought this in the week from my local charity warehouse. It was £10 but I liked it so much, plus it's for charity, that I didn't mind. It's a bad picture. The top is a gorgeous floral vinyl fabric and it is a lovely shade of yellow. Now the problem is I now have four bedside tables and only space for two. I may have to rotate them.

I'm so happy with my buys, though that's probably my luck over for a while. Here are more people thrifting this week, why not have a look? I'm off to wind some yarn. See you soon.

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