Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hello! Is it really Wednesday all over again? As always, if knitting and noseying at peoples projects is your thing then head over to Tami's blog here, or click the button in my sidebar. I do like WIP Wednesday! Tami has also just opened her yarn dyeing business so there is plenty of lovely things to look at.

I have a few things to tell you about this week, please excuse the pics as it's dreary here today. I am still yet undecided on a blanket pattern but I haven't exactly been looking very hard this week. I have tracked down a couple of extra colours, I think they are discontinued so I bought two! The orange (2nd row, 1st on left) and the pale green (3rd row, 2nd on left) are the same yarn as the rest of it, Jarol Heritage DK. The pale pink at the top is Patons Diploma Gold DK. Diploma Gold is more expensive than the Jarol and only comes in 50g balls but I got this on Ebay so it wasn't too much more. I also ordered another colour in the Jarol but it is such an eyebleeding pink that it doesn't really fit in, so it has been banished from the basket of loveliness. That's the peril of online ordering! I have a couple more colours of the DG that I want to add, I'm in no hurry at the moment. I've waited so long to do a blanket I want it to be just right. Picky picky picky, that's me.

I have a baby gift I want to make for someone. I was hanging on to find out whether it is a boy or girl as I don't really do pastels or white, and it's a little boy due in September time. I haven't really got many boy colours in my stash, I have a lot of pink and purple and not a lot else. I had a look around online and decided on some Sirdar Crofter DK in Moorland and duly headed to the shops to get some.

Only there wasn't any. Foiled! They had most other colours but not this one. With petrol prices being as super-scary as they are at the moment I try and make every journey as worthwhile as I can by doing errands all at once. Usually it is cheaper paying the postage for yarn online than it is to drive and get it myself but I was impatient. So I decided to grab something else and went for some Wendy Merino Bliss in Apple and Pacific. I wasn't sure about them but then my little one got himself into a bit of a fix. When he is tired he winds his hair around his finger but he overdid it and managed to get his finger firmly stuck next to his scalp, also cutting off the circulation in his finger. I really thought I was going to have to cut him free! There were tears and screaming and a little bit of blonde fluffy hair-loss so I quickly bought the yarn and left.

I have cast on a Little Coffee Bean Cardigan (Rav Link) (Blog link) which is a free pattern by Elizabeth Smith. It is written for worsted weight so hopefully I can make it work with DK. I have taken a leap of faith and ordered some buttons for it too, hopefully they will look like the picture.

Here is the progress on my garter stitch baby cardigan. I had problems with the orange yarn. When I added it in the first time the yarn snapped. As it was close to where I had added it I just ripped back a row and rejoined, only for it to snap again a few rows later. I looked at the ball and it had lots of weak points and the ball ended up in 5 bits. I really don't know if something had maybe been munching on it? All my other yarn is fine including the stuff it was stored with and the other balls in the same lot. Weird! Anyhow I had to rip back and add in a different ball and now I'm good to go. Because of the last minute colour change the buttons I bought for this no longer match so I'm on the search for alternatives. One question, all the wooden buttons I have seen say to remove them before washing but surely people don't do this? It would be such a pain! Have you used wooden buttons and machine washed them ok? Let me know.

It's knit night tonight and not sure which project I will take. I'm glad though as it will take my mind off my hospital appointment tomorrow. Or 'hosti-popple' as little Mr calls it. Nothing major just a check up after my op. But still - Do Not Like!

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