Wednesday, 17 August 2011


It's my birthday today, but 6 years ago I had a very special present - a daughter. Now every year I have someone to share my day with. Well for as long as she is willing to, she might have gone off the idea by the time she is a moody teenager. That said I don't think Miss D has been moody for longer than 3 minutes at a time in her entire life.

Today we went to Blackbrook Zoological Park. Mr J had booked the day off ages ago but unfortunately as he has been off sick over the past few weeks and has only recently gone back to work they cancelled it. I still wanted to have a nice day for Miss D's sake so chose somewhere that wouldn't be too busy or hard to get to and also wouldn't have me pulling my hair out by the end of the day. My friend from knitting group kindly came with us too in case I had any moments with the kids that required more than one set of hands. Like when one of them (not mentioning any names, but he's small and blonde) decides to run away and gets mistaken for a girl by old folk who look very confused at me calling him a boy.

We went for a little look round before lunch.. The lunch which was a teeny bit of a disaster given that we're vegetarians and they had no cheese, at all. I'd even called them yesterday to ask about what they had available and you'd think that that would make them pop a note on the shopping list, but nope! It wasn't too bad though and we managed ok with salad sandwiches and soup.

First off we saw this horrifyingly scary terrible nightmare bird, the Cassowary. Not cute, not cute at all! It was glaring at us and rubbing that bony fin thing on the top of it's head along the fence menacingly. Scary biscuits!

Then we saw the pelicans that were having a grooming session. They were all clicking their beaks in unison, very strange to hear. They can also turn their throats almost inside out, something that Miss D was fascinated with and tried to describe to anyone within earshot.

We saw flamingoes, but I think these faded in the wash and need a new dye job.

A very pretty duck

It's equally pretty swan-like counterpart

A hugely fluffy chicken

A zebra, there were 2 but the other one was hiding out of shot

And this. What the heck?! It looks like someone welded a dog to a rabbit.

We finally found the penguins after being duped into thinking it was a duck enclosure by the fake-penguin ducks. You can see one just behind.

Miss D meets an owl

There was plenty of time to get around to all of the feeding times. First up the pelicans. Eldest was right next to the bucket of fish and got a teeny bit sprayed with fish bits.

Then the penguins
And the meerkats. They are very cute but the do eat some horrible things. Dead baby chicks - eaww! I wish I could un-see that and just think about how cute they are instead.

A bouquet of meerkats

They do spend a lot of time staring randomly into space. I can do that too.

The kids had a lovely day, there was a park to play in and ice creams to eat before we went home. Littlest one managed to get three splinters in his finger that he has yet to let me remove but otherwise all was ok. Every year I have been getting someone to take a picture of myself and Miss D together on our birthday but it is so so hard to get one where one of us isn't pulling a weird face! This year was no exception. I think we must have taken at least 50 but I've yet to see them as the camera battery died. Hopefully one of them will be good enough for the album.

It's also my 1 year blogversary today. I haven't been organised enough to do a giveaway but I will try and get one sorted as soon as possible. I'll take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who reads and comments otherwise I'd just be talking to myself!

See you soon

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