Monday, 15 August 2011


That's what I've got. So many ideas yet I have produced exactly - nothing! I think after all the Blue Circle Cushion love I wanted to make something just as fabulous but everything I have cast on hasn't been right. Meh! I have quite a lot of the Kaffe Fasset Regia that I want to use up but I'm finding it a bit tough to find a pattern I like that isn't socks. I don't think I'm in the mood for socks yet. May have to put the stripy sock yarn back into the stash again for a while.

I have bought a new pattern though. I found it on Ravelry yesterday while I was searching for something else entirely and fell in love. It's Chadwick by Stephen West. Isn't it fab? I had a bit of a drink and ended up buying it. That's the trouble with Ravelry - instant shopping gratification. I'm not sure on which yarn to use. I'm drawn to a couple of colour schemes but not sure if they are a bit too loud. I'm trying to wear a bit more colour (I say typing away with Thomas The Tank Engine blue nails) as I wear a lot of black. I tend to get like this when it's almost my birthday. I feel like I need to overhaul my appearance, which doesn't always happen for long before I go back to 'normal'. I now have a random collection of accessories that never see the light of day as they seem too fancy for my day-to-day life.

I found a vintage skirt in the charity shop the other day, it spoke to me (yes, a talking skirt!) It was a lovely shade of mustard yellow (my favourite) with buttons up the side that I imagined I could swap for some colourful random ones from my collection. It was even my size and it would go nicely with my new red boots (always buy boots in summer - much cheaper.) I went to the changing room only to find it didn't fasten! Oh I was sad. As the skirt is vintage it has a very small waist and, well, I've never had a waist. Just a place where my trousers finish and the rest of me starts. When waists were handed out I wasn't in the queue, I must have got into the tummy queue twice by mistake. That's why I very rarely wear skirts, they start off much too high up and travel upwards all the time when I walk. If I buy them to fit comfortably round my middle they are too long and much too flare-y and I look like a bell.

A pic of the label, there is no way my waist and hips have a 10" difference. Not unless I lose a few non-essential internal organs (oh ok, and some weight as well!)

Excuse dark evening pic, colour is much brighter!

On closer inspection the skirt had seen better days, loose threads and missing a belt and button, but the length and hips and flary-ness were just right. So I decided that the skirt was coming home with me regardless and between us we'd try to come up with a skirt I can actually wear. Just need to sort some fabric and figure out how to use my new buttonholer. I have to say the fabric so far seems elusive, I have no idea what to search for on Ebay and there is so much of it! If anyone has any links to good sites for fabric could you let me know in the comments, pretty please? I know lots of places to buy quilting cotton but not so much for clothing. Ideally I'd like some mustardy heavy cotton fabric but I haven't found any of that at all. Possibly because I'm 40 years too late? Either that or some wool or tweed.

I also sneaked a pic of my new (old!) peg bag because I love it (50p!). I had to take it close up as I was in view of the new neighbours and I didn't want to be 'the woman who takes pictures of her peg bag and a manky old skirt' Not yet anyway.

Ooh I also took delivery of my new wool duvet this morning. It is supposed to give you better sleep, which remains to be seen. We've given our bed a bit of an overhaul, we had a new mattress last week and I had always fancied a wool duvet but not the price. I found one on a good offer and decided to go for it. Eldest boy helped me change the duvet cover over and I immediately dived under the covers to see if I could feel any of the sheepy magic. Eldest climbed in too and I told him it was made of wool and he shouted 'Euuuurgh!' and jumped straight back out of the bed again. Mr J just thinks it's an underhand way of sneaking yet more wool products into the house.

I had better go as I am birthday cake baking tomorrow and so far have no plan for what I am doing and need to hit the internet. Thank you for all the comments on my FO post last time, it made me very happy!

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