Saturday, 10 September 2011


Hi all! I think my crafty mojo may be making slight return. I don't want to draw too much attention to it in case I scare it away again and end up frogging yet another project. So shhhhh! I have been busy settling my small people back into school this week and haven't had much time to knit in between baking for lunchboxes and making sure homework is done. Girl had her first written homework task this week and was so excited about it we did it straight away.  She did really well given the small hurdles she has had to overcome since starting school. I'm very proud of her as she takes everything in her stride.

One thing I haven't learned is that alcohol and Ebay don't mix. I saw some old retro superwash Sirdar and decided to place a bid, there were 12 balls and I presumed they were 50g and then after read they were 25g and ended up placing a bid that was just a little too high. Luckily there was only one further bid and I didn't end up paying to my maximum. Though when the yarn arrived, it didn't smell good at all so I set about putting it into skeins to wash. My small boy enjoyed this and wanted to help but ended up using my swift as a 'horsey jump' and a 'pew-mer' (an object making a pew-pew lasergun type noise) I love this age, he really makes me laugh. It's been through the machine now and smells much better.

It's not usually a colour I would entertain but it's nice to work outside your boundaries once in a while. It's a very vivid flamingo pink, not hugely soft but I think would work well for a thick warm child's cardigan. One that I will knit once my mojo returns!

I also picked up some cheap Rowan Pure Wool DK from Hobbycraft. I don't know if it's just my local branch but they seemed to be phasing it out as all the colours were reduced. I got some of this bluey-greeny colour. Mr J found me high on yarn fumes with an implausible amount of yarn in my basket and I needed talking down!

Also got some of my favourite Wendy Merino.

I've been obsessing over the lovely colours used by this Etsy seller and want to make something similar. Her garments are lovely and her little models are just so cute.
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